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ZuPreem Avian Maintenance FruitBlend Canary/Finch Pellet 2 lb

ZuPreem Avian Maintenance FruitBlend Canary/Finch Pellet 2 lb

Product Description
ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Diets are formulated to meet all the accepted nutrient requirements for the maintenance of various types of adult psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills). The diets are nutritionally balanced and require no supplements. With controlled iron levels (less than 80 ppm), these diets may be beneficial for species predisposed to iron storage disease.

More bananas, oranges, apples and grapes ground from fresh fruit for a more fruity flavor New and improved flavors increase palatability so even the most finicky birds find these diets irresistible

Fruit shapes and colors* Five different nuggets in the shapes and colors of apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and melons provide a variety of shapes and colors

Complete and balanced nutrition Nutritionally balanced and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals birds need for good health

Extrusion cooking enhances carbohydrate bioavailability More digestible than cold-pressed pelleted diets or seed mixtures, and offer
maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption

More cost efficient than feeding seeds Less product waste than with seeds, and provide consistent quality nutrition with no vitamin or mineral supplements required or recommended

Naturally preserved with Vitamins E and C Longer shelf life than seeds and most pelleted foods, and contain no artificial preservatives

Stringent quality control standards Manufactured in an American Institute of Baking certified food-grade plant Fixed formulations with high-quality fresh ingredients provide consistent dependable nutrition in every nugget

Controlled iron content (less than 80 ppm) Species predisposed to iron-storage disease may benefit from this diet Product Characteristics
AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Diets contain five differently colored, individually shaped, fruit-flavored extruded nuggets.* The nugget shapes are apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and melons.Available in five nugget sizes. AvianMaintenance Natural Diets are also available for bird owners who want to feed a more natural diet.
*Individual fruit shapes are maintained where nugget size allows.
Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture.

Feeding Instructions
ZuPreem AvianMaintenance FruitBlend Flavor Diets are

formulated to be fed free choice. A typical bird will consume
20% of its body weight per day. Feed the diet to maintain
proper body mass. If the diet is moistened or becomes wet,
remove the diet after four hours. FruitBlend Flavor Diets are formulated to be the bird?s sole source of nutrition and require no supplements. If the diet is supplemented with other food items, make sure the FruitBlend
Flavor Diet makes up at least 80% of what the bird consumes.
Adding vitamin or mineral supplements to FruitBlend Flavor
Diets is not recommended and could be harmful to the bird.
Convert the bird to a ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Diet by mixing it
with the current food, slowly increasing the proportion of the
FruitBlend Flavor Diet and decreasing the proportion of the
previous food over the course of 10 to 14 days minimum.
Monitor the color of the bird?s droppings to ensure they are
well formed.The color of the droppings may change as a result
of the dietary change. It is not uncommon to observe certain
colors from FruitBlend Flavor Diets appearing in the feces.
Note ? As an indicator of health, always monitor for changes
in weight and body condition. Provide adequate amounts of
food to maintain body condition, preventing excessive thinness
or obesity. Always provide clean, fresh water.

Ground corn, Soybean meal, Ground wheat,Vegetable oil,
Wheat germ meal, Sucrose, Dicalcium phosphate, Calcium
carbonate, Ground fruit (bananas, oranges, apples and grapes),
Iodized salt, DL-methionine, Choline chloride, Ascorbic acid
(source of Vitamin C), Natural mixed tocopherols, Rosemary
extract, Citric acid, Natural and artificial colors, Artificial flavors,
Manganous oxide, Zinc oxide, Copper sulfate, Calcium iodate,
Sodium selenite,Vitamin A supplement,Vitamin D3 supplement,
Vitamin E supplement,Vitamin K supplement, Niacin, Calcium
pantothenate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride,Thiamine, Riboflavin,
Folic acid, Biotin,Vitamin B12 supplement.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein Not less than 14.0%
Crude Fat Not less than 4.0%
Crude Fiber Not greater than 2.5%
Moisture Not greater than 10.0%

Storage Instructions
Store in a cool dry place, free of pests and insects.
Gently push air from bag and reseal immediately after use.

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