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ZuPreem Avian Embrace Plus Handfeed Parrot/Parakeet/Bird 10lbs

ZuPreem Avian Embrace Plus Handfeed Parrot/Parakeet/Bird 10lbs

EMBRACE PLUS is formulated with moderate levels of protein and higher levels of fat for larger species that benefit from a
more energy-dense food. Suitable for certain species of psittacines (hookbills), such as conures, Amazons, macaws, caiques,
hawkheads, African greys, Asiatic parakeets, Poicephalus parrots and eclectus during growth. Unique, creamy consistency preferred by professional breeders Stays mixed in solution and in the crop so babies safely consume and easily digest essential nutrients,
not just water. For maximum results, read the mixing instructions on the bag or bucket Energy-dense formula Results in superior weight gain so birds move quickly to the weaning stage Embrace Plus offers higher levels of fat Recommended for all species that benefit from a more energy-dense formula Fixed formula, balanced nutrition
No supplements required consistent dependable nutrition
in every bag Naturally preserved Contains no ethoxyquin Stringent quality control standards State-of-the-art manufacturing procedures using fresh wholesome ingredients Exclusive ZuPreem OptiNutrient System? Helps ensure stronger, healthier baby birds Probiotic Bacillus encourages beneficial intestinal microorganisms Lactobacillus aids in proper digestion and the absorption of important nutrients
E Feeding instructions on every bag and bucket Gives guidelines for correct feeding during the challenging hand-feeding stage Product Characteristics Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture.

Feeding Instructions
Feed the baby bird on a regular schedule each day and monitor
its weight as it grows. Feeding intervals will vary based on species
and age of the bird.
Newly hatched chicks If fed a proper formula consistency,
newly hatched chicks will empty their crops in one to two hours.
They should be fed every two hours to ensure they are hydrated
and have adequate growth. Formula consistency should be
one part Embrace formula to four parts water, approximately
the consistency of a beaten egg.
Age four to 14 days Over the next 10 days, thicken the
formula every other day until it is the consistency of baby
applesauce or one part Embrace formula to three parts water.
Age 14 days to weaning After 14 days, the baby bird
should be able to digest a formula with the consistency of thick
applesauce or one part Embrace formula to two parts water.
The number of daily feedings required and the age of weaning
will vary based on the species of the bird. For best results,
carefully read the mixing and feeding instructions printed on the
product bag. Consult an avian professional if you have questions
about hand feeding.
At the end of the hand-feeding stage, slowly introduce the bird
to ZuPreem AvianWeaning Diet.This diet helps provide a less
stressful transition between hand feeding and the adult food cup.
Note As an indicator of health, always monitor for changes
in weight and body condition. Provide adequate amounts of
food to maintain body condition, preventing excessive thinness
or obesity. Ingredients
Embrace Plus Hand-Feeding Formula Corn meal,Wheat
flour, Soy oil, Oat groats, Corn gluten meal, Wheat middlings, Beet
pulp,Wheat germ meal, Soy protein concentrate, Dicalcium
phosphate, Soy flour (heat processed), Calcium carbonate,
Dried brewers yeast, L-lysine,Vitamin A supplement, Salt, Choline
chloride, L-arginine, Potassium chloride, DL-methionine, Ascorbic
acid (source of Vitamin C), Propionic acid (a preservative), Mixed
natural tocopherols, Rosemary extract, Citric acid,Vitamin D3
supplement,Vitamin E supplement, Niacin, Manganous oxide,
Zinc oxide, Copper sulfate, Calcium pantothenate,Thiamine,
Riboflavin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Folic acid, Calcium iodate,
Vitamin K supplement, Biotin, Sodium selenite,Vitamin B12
supplement, Beta-carotene, Dried A. oryzae fermentation extract,
Dried Bacillus subtillis fermentation extract, Dried Bacillus coagulans
fermentation product, Dried Bacillus licheniformis fermentation
product, Dried Bacillus subtillis fermentation product.
Guaranteed Analysis Embrace Plus
Crude Protein Not less than 19.0%
Crude Fat Not less than 13.0%
Crude Fiber Not greater than 4.0%
Moisture Not greater than 10.0%
Storage Instructions
Store in a cool dry place, free of pests and insects. Store formulas
at less than 80 F. and less than 60% relative humidity. Gently push
air from bag before resealing and close lid on bucket immediately
after use.

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