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Nekton S Bird Vitamin 75g

Nekton S Bird Vitamin 75g

NEKTON-S contains
13 Vitamins
18 Amino Acids in L-Form
Numerous Minerals and Trace Elements
NEKTON-S has been used successfully for years by bird owners,
zoos and zoological gardens and above all by breeders. Time
and time again it has proved its value in counteracting the effects
of the molt, re-caging, illness and medical treatment as well as
in improving resistance to disease.
Vitamins are vital organic compounds effective in small amounts.
Each has a specific job to do in the body. Some are essential
for the transformation of energy, while others regulate the
metabolism in structural units such as cells, membranes and
bones. When a vital vitamin is missing this automatically leads
to disorders and illness of various kinds in varying degrees. A
vitamin deficiency can result in growth defects, changes in
reproductive systems (fertility) and development as well as
reduced performance.
The body is unable to form many of these compounds, which
means there must be an adequate dietary source. In the case
of birds even good quality bird seed can be deficient in some
or all of the vitamins. The diet should be supplemented daily to
ensure a regular supply of essential vitamins.
NEKTON-S has been formulated to cover the vitamin
requirements of cage birds in standard care.
Amino Acids
Protein is the "organic building material" in the body. Next to
carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, mineral elements and water,
protein is the decisive food component for the body. Protein is
important primarily as a source of amino acids from which an
organism can build its own structural and functional proteins.
Dietary protein is hydrolyzed or digested to these component
acids in the gastro-intestinal tract before being absorbed and
utilized into building the proteins the body needs.
Proteins are made up of one or more chains of about 23 amino
acids. Some amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body at
a rate sufficient to meet the physiological needs of the body,
however, and must therefore be furnished preformed in the diet
- indispensable amino acids. The number of indispensable amino
acids in the dietary protein determines its biological value. The
quality of a protein, on the other hand, depends on how complete
the assortment and how nearly the proportions of indispensable
amino acids approach the physiological needs of a species.
Thus the quality of a dietary protein can be limited by the
presence in its "chain" of an amino acid whose content is at its
lowest compared to the requirements. As a result the body
cannot form sufficient of its own structural and functional proteins.
Symptoms of a protein deficiency in adult animals are reduced
performance and production, meaning poor plumage in birds.
The 18 most essential amino acids have been added to NEKTONS
in the natural L-configuration for easy assimilation, and
formulated to provide organisms with enough "building material"
to build their own proteins.
Minerals and Trace Elements
Every bird lover knows that life cannot be maintained without
a regular supply of inorganic elements to the body. Essential
mineral elements are crucial to skeletal structures such as bones
and teeth. They play a part in regulating the acid-base balance
and serve to maintain and regulate the colloidal system. Some
minerals are components or activators of enzymes and/or other
biological units or systems, e.g., iodine and iron in hemoglobin.
To summarize we can say that mineral elements serve either
as building units of the skeleton or as regulators of body
processes. A regular supply is particularly important at times of
growth therefore.
NEKTON-S has taken a bird's requirements into consideration
and added its essential mineral elements in the appropriate
Ingredients and minimum vitamin content per 1,000g: See
product label.
NEKTON-S is a powder soluble in cold water, providing the ideal
method of supplementing your bird's diet. It can be added to the
drinking water or sprinkled over soft food
A measuring spoon holding 1g powder is enclosed in each jar
Added to Drinking Water
Use fresh water every day and only make up the amount of
water your bird or birds drink in a day, adjusting the NEKTONS
dosage accordingly. As a guide we recommend 1 g NEKTONS
to 0.25 liter water.
Added to Soft Food
If adding to bird feed, measure out only that amount of NEKTONS
corresponding to the daily ration. Here we recommend 1 g to
250g soft food (egg or nestling food).
Guide (Using measuring spoon): General guide:
1 spoonful to ? pint water ? teaspoon to ? pint
2 spoonfuls to 1 pint water ? teaspoon to 1 pint
1 tablespoon to 1 gallon water
If there is only one bird to feed, use a fine needle to make a
hole in the sealing foil and shake a little into the drinking water
or over the egg food.
In stress situations (re-caging, being sold - bought), illness and
so on, the dose of NEKTON-S can be doubled without hesitation.
Use NEKTON-E with NEKTON-S to achieve even better
impregnation results. If you follow these hints you will be surprised
at your breeding successes.
As with all products rich in proteins, particular attention must be
paid to hygiene when NEKTON-S is added to the drinking water.
Change the solution every day after first cleaning the bowl or
dispenser thoroughly and disinfecting with DESI-PLUS.
Please note
Because of this supplement?s higher content of vitamin D and
trace elements than in a complete feed, it may only be added
to 10% of a bird?s daily ration.
Store in a cool, dark and dry place. In an unopened container
and correctly stored the vitamins in NEKTON-S remain effective
until date of expiration, see extra label.

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