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Services - Avian DNA Fingerprinting

Individual-specific DNA fingerprints are inherited in the same simple genetic fashion in birds as in animals and humans, and individual birds are as different from one another as are animals.
The DNA fingerprints are inherited in Mendelian fashion (meaning that these DNA fingerprints are passed from the parents to the progeny) and it is possible to identify those fingerprints inherited from each parent. Each bird has his or her own unique characteristic pattern of DNA fingerprints referred to as their DNA profile. An offspring receives half of its DNA fingerprints from its mother and half from its father. Related birds (e.g. siblings) are expected to share a higher number of their fingerprints than are unrelated birds.

The DNA fingerprint is a permanent individual identification for the bird. DNA typing results can help the pet owner to establish ownership if your bird is ever lost or stolen. The cost for this service is $95 and the results are admissible in a court of law.

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