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This list is a compilation of several different lists by various bird clubs, books, and magazines about plants that are non-toxic and safe for birds. Always use caution and common sense in your plant choices. Remember that birds have a delicate digestive system and that any quantity of any plant or fruit could make their bellies upset.
Acacia Easter cactus Raspberry
African violets Edible fig Red-margined dracaena
Aloe Elephant foot tree Rhapis
Areca, butterfly cane European fan palm Roebelin, lady palm
Asparagus fern Fan palm Rose
Australian umbrella tree Fern palm Rosemary
Autumn olive Fiddleleaf fig Sago palm
Baby's tears Gardenia Schefflera (umbrella)
Balsam fir Gold dust Sentry palm
Bamboo Grape ivy Snake plant
Bamboo palm Hen and chickens Snowberry
Barberry Hibiscus Spider or airplane plant
Bayberry Howeia palm Spruce tree
Bird nest fern Huckleberry Swedish ivy
Beech (American and European) Jade plant Thanksgiving cactus
Begonia Kalanchoe Thistle
Black spruce Kentia palm Thyme
Bladdernum Lady palm Viburnum
Blueberry Laurel leaf fig Virginia pine
Boston fern Magnolia Wandering Jew
Bougainvillea Mango Wax plant
Bromeliads Marigold Weeping fig
Chickweed Monkey plant White fir
Christmas cactus Mother-in-law's tongue White pine
Cissus kangaroo vines Nasturtium White poplar
Coleus Nerve plant White spruce
Comfrey Norfolk Island pine Willow
Corn plant Norway spruce Wine palm
Cotoneaster firethorn Oregano Umbrella plant
Crabapple Parlour palm Velvet plant (purple passion)
Creeping fig Passion flower vine Yucca
Dandelion Peperomia Zebra plant
Date palm Phoenix (date palm)  
Dogwood Pittosporum  
Donkey tail (burro's tail) Pony tail palm  
Douglas fir Ponderosa pine  
Dracaena Prayer plant  
Dragon tree Purple passion (purple or velvet nettle)  
  Pygmy date  
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