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White Capped Pionus - White Capped Pionus Pionus Senilis Bird

White Capped Pionus White Capped Pionus

Notable traits of the White Capped Pionus Bird: White Capped Pionus (Pionus Senilis)
Latin Name: Pionus Senilis
Common Name: White Capped Pionus
Description: Generally green; lores, forehead, forecrown and patch on chin white; remaining head feathers green edged with blue; ear-coverts dark blue; breast olive-brown, feathers edged with lilac-blue, becoming green on abdomen; under tail-coverts red with green edging; lesser and median wing-coverts gold-brown with green base; primary-coverts and primaries violet-blue; under wing-coverts greenish-blue; tail green with blue tips, outer feathers blue with red base; bill horn-coloured: skin to periophthalmic ring whitish-pink; iris brown; feet grey flesh-coloured. Immatures with green head; forehead white; chin, breast and abdomen green; under tail-coverts lighter; iris dark.
Gender Determination: Undeterminable by appearance
Trainability: The White Capped Pionus is known for its goodnatured personality.
Length: 24 cm (9.5 in)
Average Lifespan: 35 years
Average Weight: 180 g
Diet: Pellets, Fruits and Veggies
Housing: min 24 x 24 x 30 inches
Loudness: The White Capped Pionus has a voice that is quite and not very loud. They are good for Apartments
Talking Ability: Are capable of speaking a few words and phrases
Notes: Some bird owners have made the mistake of passing over White Capped Pionus Parrots, because the young birds for sale seemed to have dull plumage. Pionus Parrots acquire their lovely colorations as they mature, and by adulthood have a beautiful appearance in addition to their naturally sweet, affectionate, and playful personalities!
When White Capped Pionus Parrots are raised correctly, they are a delight to own as adults! Generally sweet and loving, they seem to be calmer than many birds and may deal well with change. White Capped Pionus Parrots are affectionate toward their owners and, although quiet, they can usually be taught to talk! White Capped Pionus Parrots tend to have larger vocabularies than many Pionus. Rather than cuddling excessively, White Capped Pionus Parrots tend to enjoy the company of their favorite people and do not generally demand physical contact. White Capped Pionus Parrots also have tendencies to select one person as their favorite. They usually have periods during the day of intense activity, rather than being constantly active. Most White Capped Pionus Parrots are quite intelligent and can be taught a variety of tricks! They enjoy showering and tend to be feistier than other Pionus. Generally, White Capped Pionus seem to do well on a good pellet diet or basic seed mix supplemented with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. When feeding, many Pionus owners recommend feeding only as much perishable as can be consumed in one sitting, so it does not go bad. Many people like to feed their parrots fresh food in the mornings and later in the day they will offer pellets.
These birds have been vaccinated for the polyoma virus. It is crucial for young birds to be protected as they have little to no immune system for their first year of life. Just as people, cats, dogs are vaccinated, we use vaccines to substantially decrease the incidence of disease in birds. By doing this we have developed a positive reputation that separates us from the "birdie mills" that do not aspire to the same standards. We have a vet on the premises bi-weekly that administer this vaccine and monitors our babies and flock.
Age of Maturity: 2
Breeding Life: 30
Nest: 24 x 24 x 50 cm
Breeding Aviculture: Often
Average Clutch Size: 4-5
Habitat: Eastern Mexico
References: PelletTreatToy
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