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Water Hyacinth - Tropical Floating Eichornia crassipes Pond

Water Hyacinth Tropical Floating

Notable traits of the Water Hyacinth Pond: Tropical Floating (Eichornia crassipes )
Latin Name: Eichornia crassipes
Common Name: Water Hyacinth
Description: Water hyacinth is a freefloating perennial plant that can grow to a height of feet The dark green leave blades are circular to elliptical in shape attached to a spongy inflated petiole Underneath the water is a thick heavily branched dark fibrous root system The water hyacinth has striking light blue to violet flowers located on a terminal spike They reproduce quickly by producing small plantlets radiating out from the center of the plant Their intricate root structure provides spawning areas for fish and shelter for baby fish A great plant for the pond to provide shade and improve water quality Because the Water Hyacinth has a tropical nature it will require heat and full sun to thrive and flower Yellowish leaves are a sign of insufficient nutrients in the water move plants with yellowing leaving to an alternate area and add plant food to their water rotating with plants left in the pond A vigorous reproducer it can quickly take over the water garden Remove excess plants to help prevent this from happening
Flower: Lavender to Purple
Light Needs: Full Sun
Zone: 9-11.
Notes: In ontario place in pond after threat of frost Deal 4 plants 12.00. Mix and match with Water Lettuce for the 12.00 DEAL. Note that must be brought inside at night until the risk of frost is gone.Absolute minimum of 8 degrees C.
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