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Spectacled Parrotlet - Spectacle Parrotlet Forpus Conspicillatus Bird

Spectacled Parrotlet Spectacle Parrotlet

Notable traits of the Spectacled Parrotlet Bird: Spectacle Parrotlet (Forpus Conspicillatus)
Latin Name: Forpus Conspicillatus
Common Name: Spectacled Parrotlet
Description: The Spectacled Parrotlet are more timid demeanor than the Pacific Parrotlets. It is an easy going bird that loves attention and its owner. Their green color is about the same as a normal green Pacific, but the male Spectacled Parrotlet has a distinct blue ring around its eye, thus giving it the look of wearing glasses, or spectacles as in the name.
Gender Determination: Males have a blue ring around the eye
Trainability: Make great pets for children and adults But have to be persistent with socialization.
Length: 4
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Weight: 35g
Diet: Seed, Pellets,Greens, Fruit, Pasta, Rice, Bean Mix
Housing: Min 18 x 18x 20 inches
Loudness: Very quiet, great for apartments
Talking Ability: Good talkers
Notes: Parrotlets are fun, little pocket sized, intelligent and full of spunk. They are one of the smallest species of parrots, and one of the most demanding. They require a lot of attention and make good pets! Okay with children but have to have proper discipline.
Mutations: Albino and Lutino
Age of Maturity: 8
Breeding Life: 9 years
Nest: 6 x 6 x 6 inches
Breeding Aviculture: Common
Average Clutch Size: 4
Habitat: It is found in Colombia Panama and Venezuela. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry
References: SeedPelletToy
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