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Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot - Rehomes Amazona Bird

Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Rehomes

Notable traits of the Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Bird: Rehomes (Amazona)
Latin Name: Amazona
Common Name: Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot
Description: Hi my name is Bosco and I have a new home

The Yellow-naped Parrot is distinguished by its green forehead and crown and a yellow band across the lower nape (back part of neck) and hindneck. The beak is dark grey and is paler towards the base of the upper mandible. The feet are also dark grey
Gender Determination: DNA testing is required
Trainability: Highly trainable and intelligent birds
Length: 15 inches (38cm)
Average Lifespan: 60 years
Average Weight: 480-680 grams
Song: Can sing songs
Diet: Pellets, Fruit, Veggies
Housing: 2 x 3 x 4 feet
Loudness: Can be loud at times not suitable for apartments
Talking Ability: Great talker and they learn songs
Notes: Bosco has proven to be an amazing talker and with patients he is very accepting. He does however seem to like women better than men.
Breeding Notes: Incubation: 26 days
Age at weaning: 60 days
Mutations: Blue Cinnamon
Age of Maturity: 3
Breeding Life: 40
Nest: L-Box 12x24
Breeding Aviculture: Common in Spring
Average Clutch Size: 3-5
Gender: Male
Habitat: These birds can be found along the Pacific coast from southern Mexico south to northern Costa Rica.
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