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Green Quaker or Monk Parakeet - Quaker Myiopsitta Monachus Bird

Green Quaker or Monk Parakeet  Quaker

Notable traits of the Green Quaker or Monk Parakeet Bird: Quaker (Myiopsitta Monachus)
Latin Name: Myiopsitta Monachus
Common Name: Green Quaker or Monk Parakeet
Description: General plumage green; forehead bluish-grey; lores, cheeks and throat whitish-grey; breast brownish-grey, each feather edged with pale grey; upper abdomen olive-yellow; lower abdomen, rump, thighs and upper tail-coverts yellowish-green; outer webs of flight feathers blue; tail upper side green with blue down centre; underside pale green with grayish-blue base; periophthalmic ring grey; bill brownish-horn colour; iris dark brown; feet grey. Immatures with forehead tinged greenish.
Gender Determination: Undeterminable by appearance
Trainability: The Quaker Parakeet is a playful bird and is very trainable
Length: 30 cm (12 ins)
Average Lifespan: 25 years
Average Weight: 127-140g
Diet: Pellet, Veggie, Fruit, Some Seed
Housing: 30 x 24 x 30 inches
Loudness: Quaker Parakeet can be noisy parrots. They make shrill calls, especially in the early morning and the evening
Talking Ability: Quaker Parakeet tend to be good talkers
Notes: Not recommended as an Apt/Condo bird because they tend to make a loud squawking noise.
Mutations: Blue or Cinnamon
Age of Maturity: 3
Breeding Life: 20
Nest: 8 x 16 L inches Box
Breeding Aviculture: Common
Average Clutch Size: 4 to 6
Habitat: South America
References: TreatPelletToy
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