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Roulroul or Crested Wood Partridge - Quails Rollulus Roulroul Bird

Roulroul or Crested Wood Partridge  Quails

Notable traits of the Roulroul or Crested Wood Partridge Bird: Quails (Rollulus Roulroul)
Latin Name: Rollulus Roulroul
Common Name: Roulroul or Crested Wood Partridge
Description: Sexes are different. The male, has a large red crest, red orbital skin, overall glossy bluish-purple body and red feet and bill. The hen is much drabber in comparison. She lacks the bright crest, has an overall greenish color with chestnut-brown wings, black bill and red feet.
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 25 cm
Average Weight: 200 to 230 grams
Diet: Seed, fruit and veggies
Notes: Roul-roul are not often kept and bred in aviaries and remain somewhat expensive. They are not recommended for the beginning breeder and are still a challenge for even experienced breeders. They are prone to develop many poultry diseases, and need to be kept away from ground where other game birds have been kept. They also do not seem to do well on wire, often developing foot and leg problems. It is recommended that they are kept in pairs in aviaries with sand bottoms and well planted.

Roul-roul are not very winter hardy and need heated quarters during extremely cold weather.
Breeding Notes: If kept in an indoor, tropical environment, Roul-roul may lay at anytime during the year. The males seem to do most of the nest building, using pine needles, branches or straw to create a tunnel like nest. Clutches range from about 4 to 6 eggs. Incubation is done by the female and lasts 18 to 22 days.

In captivity, the chicks of this species may have problems learning to eat. Provide mealworms and place a few small size chicks such as button quail in the brooder to help "teach" the little partridge to eat.
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Aviculture: Yes
Average Clutch Size: 4 -6 eggs
Habitat: Tropical rain forests of Burma and Thailand south to Malaysia Borneo and Sumatra
References: Seed
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