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Fiery Shouldered Conure - Pyrrhura Conures Pyrrhura Egregia Bird

Fiery Shouldered Conure Pyrrhura Conures

Notable traits of the Fiery Shouldered Conure Bird: Pyrrhura Conures (Pyrrhura Egregia)
Latin Name: Pyrrhura Egregia
Common Name: Fiery Shouldered Conure
Description: Their plumage is mostly green, except for the bright yellow-orange "shoulder" feathers for which they were named and the lesser (inner / shorter) underwing feathers. They have green-edged brown feathers across the crown and lores (area between the bill and eyes), reddish-brown ear coverts (feathers covering the ears), and whitish-edged green feathers along the sides of the neck and chest, reddish-brown patch on the abdomen.

The bill is horn colored and their eyes are brown and the eye rings are bare and white.
Gender Determination: DNA testing required
Trainability: The Fiery Shouldered Conure is a playful bird and is very trainable.
Length: 10.6 inches
Average Lifespan: 35 years
Average Weight: 75g
Diet: Pellets, Fruits and Veggies
Housing: Min 22 x 22 x 26 inches
Loudness: The Fiery Shouldered Conures are known for their quieter natures, however, quiet is in comparison to other species of conures. Almost any conure will be louder than a cockatiel for example. However, the Fiery Shouldered conures can make good apartment birds.
Talking Ability: Fiery Shouldered Conures tend to be quiet for conures so naturally they generally dont talk as much or often as other conures. Fiery Shoulders can learn to speak a few words.
Notes: Need a varied diet with Vitamin A.
Age of Maturity: 2
Breeding Life: 20 years
Nest: 18 x 18 x 70 cm
Breeding Aviculture: Farely Common
Average Clutch Size: 4-5
Habitat: South America
References: PelletTreatToy
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