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Grey Peacock - Pheasants Polyplectron Bicalcaratum Bird

Grey Peacock Pheasants

Notable traits of the Grey Peacock Bird: Pheasants (Polyplectron Bicalcaratum)
Latin Name: Polyplectron Bicalcaratum
Common Name: Grey Peacock
Description: It is a large pheasant and greyish brown with finely spotted green eyespots, an elongated bushy crest, bare pink or yellow facial skin, white throat, and grey iris, bill and legs. The sexes are rather similar, but the female is smaller, darker and less ornamented than the male. The young resemble the female.

The Grey Peacock-Pheasant is distributed in lowland and hill forests of mainland Assam and Southeast Asia, but excluding most of Indochina as well as the entire Malayan Peninsula. The diet consists mainly of seeds, termites, fruits and invertebrates. The female usually lays two eggs.
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 76 cm
Diet: Seed, fruit,veggies and incects
Average Clutch Size: 2
References: Insect Patee
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