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Malaysian Great Argus Pheasant - Pheasants Argusianus Argus Bird

Malaysian Great Argus Pheasant Pheasants

Notable traits of the Malaysian Great Argus Pheasant Bird: Pheasants (Argusianus Argus)
Latin Name: Argusianus Argus
Common Name: Malaysian Great Argus Pheasant
Description: One of the most unusual of all bird species, males are unmistakable with massive primary, secondary and tail feathers. The face is blue, the crown is black with a distinctive short crest. The upperparts are brown, finely mottled with buff; iridescent ocelli can be found on the wings and tail. The wings can continue to grow until the bird reaches its sixth year. A. a. grayi is slightly smaller than A. a. argus and can be distinguished by the burnt orange on the breast and neck and with more white spotting. Females are similar, but smaller than males; also lack the ornate tail and wings.
Notes: Listed as a CITES II, vulnerable species, the primary threat to survival is habitat destruction. Believed to be in good numbers on the Malay Peninsula and on Borneo, but the Sumatran population is in rapid decline. Price is for unrelated pair.
Breeding Notes: Incubation Period: 25 days
Breeding Aviculture: Yes
Average Clutch Size: 3 to 4 eggs
Habitat: Malaysia Forests from sealevel to feet
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