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Rush White - Perennial Marginal Scirpus albescens Pond

Rush White  Perennial Marginal

Notable traits of the Rush White Pond: Perennial Marginal (Scirpus albescens)
Latin Name: Scirpus albescens
Common Name: Rush White
Description: The White Rush is a marginal pond plant that creates a dramatic frame to any water feature This hardy plant features long thin tubular leaves In their juvenile state these leaves boast vertical white bands Oftentimes these bands grow to nearly the full leaf width to give the appearance of an entirely white stalk When the bands are not fully developed across the leaf width they are tinged with a green edge that creates a stark contrast and attractive focal point in your water gardenThis plant matures via dense root clumps that when left unkempt create a thickly matted cluster of leaves that protrude from the waters surface The White Rush is a fairly quickgrowing plant and requires regular leaf thinning to maintain its overall white appearance As leaves mature and darken to a fuller green simply cut them back to give way to more juvenile leaf development However the White Rush is equally as startling when left alone to mature to its fully green stateAs with all clumping root plants the White Rushs growth tendencies are a benefit to any water gardener Simply plant in the center of to gallon containers for optimal growth and divide as needed for propagation
Light Needs: Sun to Part Shade
Zone: 4 to 11
Notes: For best growth and appearance, plant in the marginal areas of your pond, with water 6 or less12 to 18
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