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Water Iris Black Gamecock - Perennial Marginal Iris louisiana Black Gamecock Pond

Water Iris Black Gamecock  Perennial Marginal

Notable traits of the Water Iris Black Gamecock Pond: Perennial Marginal (Iris louisiana Black Gamecock)
Latin Name: Iris louisiana Black Gamecock
Common Name: Water Iris Black Gamecock
Description: cm
Flower: Black Purple Bloom Season Mid Summer
Light Needs: Full Sun Partial Shade
Specialized Care: Depth in cm soil coverage
Zone: 5-8
Notes: Perfect for those soggy areas in the garden, Iris louisiana Gamecock also boasts large, near-black blooms. Dark and delightfully daringKnown as a Swamp Iris, Black Gamecock is perfect for those boggy, wet places in your garden Iris louisiana are excellent waterside and deer resistant varieties that enjoy full sun to partially shady conditions. These are classified as waterside plants and can be grown in well draining pots in moist conditions and then the pots lifted and placed inside over winter, in zones of 4 and colder. When grown in zones 5 and warmer they can be potted up or grown directly in moist soil conditions.In regular garden conditions they require at least 1 inch of water per week. Because of their high moisture needs it is recommended that they are not allowed to dry out between waterings. Black Gamecock has strap-like foliage and deep red coloured petals that are accented with yellow signals. This group of iris is not fully frost hardy in colder climates but will withstand light to moderate frosts. Cut Flower, Deer Resistant, Naturalizing
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