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Variegated Sweet Flag - Perennial Marginal Acorus calamus Variegatus Pond

Variegated Sweet Flag Perennial Marginal

Notable traits of the Variegated Sweet Flag Pond: Perennial Marginal (Acorus calamus Variegatus)
Latin Name: Acorus calamus Variegatus
Common Name: Variegated Sweet Flag
Description: Height ft to ft
Flower: Summer
Light Needs: Full Sun
Specialized Care: Needs to grow in water less than inches deep or in very moist soil Full sun Plant in containers to control spread if desired
Zone: 3 - 8
Notes: Variegated sweet flag is a deciduous, aquatic perennial with 5-foot-long bright green leaves with creamy, longitudinal stripes. Its flowers are insignificant, but its leaves are aromatic and resemble the foliage of an iris. Sweet flag makes a striking statement at the shallow end of a pool, in a bog garden, or in a marshy woodland area.
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