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Nyasa or Lillians Lovebird - Nyasa Lovebird Agapornis Lilianae Bird

Nyasa or Lillians Lovebird Nyasa Lovebird

Notable traits of the Nyasa or Lillians Lovebird Bird: Nyasa Lovebird (Agapornis Lilianae)
Latin Name: Agapornis Lilianae
Common Name: Nyasa or Lillians Lovebird
Description: Green; facial area orange-red; light scattering of pink feathers to crown and upper breast; lower breast, abdomen and under tail-coverts yellowish-green; rump pale green; tail green, outer feathers with orange-yellow band edged with black above and below;broad periophthalmic ring white; bill red; iris reddish-brown; feet grey with flesh-colouring.

Female as male, but on average with duller plumage.

Immatures duller and with blackish base to bill.
Gender Determination: Undeterminable by appearance
Trainability: Makes good pet
Length: 13.5 cm (5.5ins)
Average Lifespan: 12 years
Average Weight: 50-60g
Diet: Seed, pellets, fruit and veggies
Housing: Min 18 x 18 x 20 inches with 1/2 inch bar spacing
Loudness: Quiet compared to other lovebirds
Talking Ability: Very little
Notes: vebirds are pint-sized bundles of joy. They have the full personality of parrots while being easy to house because of their size. Lovebirds are little clowns, playing for hours at a time. They love to hang from toys, spin them around, and dance on your shoulder. Watch out for your buttons! They love to pull them off your shirts! They love to snuggle and preen. Many people believe lovebirds must be kept in pairs. This is simply not true. A single lovebird makes a better pet because it bonds to you rather than to another lovebird.
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 7
Nest: standard budgie box
Breeding Aviculture: yes
Average Clutch Size: 4
Habitat: Northern Zimbabwe
References: SeedPelletToy
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