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Illigers Macaw - Mini Macaw Ara Maracana Bird

Illigers Macaw Mini Macaw

Notable traits of the Illigers Macaw Bird: Mini Macaw (Ara Maracana)
Latin Name: Ara Maracana
Common Name: Illigers Macaw
Description: General plumage green; forehead, sides of abdomen and lower back red; crown blue; head, nape and cheeks greenish-blue; wings and primary-coverts blue; edge of wing bluish-green; under wing-coverts olive-green; tail-feathers blue with reddish-brown tips; tail underside olive-yellow; bill black; bare cheek area whitish; iris orange-red; feet flesh-coloured. Female as male, but on average with less red to forehead and abdomen. Immatures with paler plumage and less extensive orange-red instead of red; forehead occasionally without red; tips to bill horn-coloured.
Gender Determination: Undeterminable by appearance
Trainability: The Illigers Macaw is a playful bird and is very trainable.
Length: 43 cm (17 ins).
Average Lifespan: 45 years
Average Weight: 360g
Diet: Pellets, Fruits and Veggies
Housing: 90 x 90 x 120(3ft x 3ft x 4ft)
Loudness: While the smaller Macaws may not be as loud as the large Macaws, they can have their noisy moments which is normal. Hand-fed birds raised with consistent care and attention are usually not noisy nuisances.
Talking Ability: Sometimes it seems that the smaller the Macaw the better it will talk That of course is a generalization but these Minis are able to learn many words and phrases
Notes: Mini Macaws are very active and, like their larger cousins, curious and intelligent. They enjoy hanging, swinging, and climbing and a swing or rope will be well used. Toys can be as simple as paper rolls cut into short sections, plastic film cans, or pieces of appropriate wood or leather for chewing. There are also many readily available parrot toys appropriate for minis. Most love bathing and enjoy going into the shower with their humans. If you don't bath them they will often use their water bowl! They can be potty trained with a little consistent effort. Mini Macaws have to be watched when they are near other companion birds as they can exhibit some jealously.

Hand-raised Minis do very well on a pellet based diet supplemented with almost everything, including but not limited to, fresh fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, whole wheat cereal or toast, beans, some chicken. The only foods to avoid are the ones that are harmful to birds in general. Fresh water should be available at all times.
These birds have been vaccinated for the polyoma virus. It is crucial for young birds to be protected as they have little to no immune system for their first year of life. Just as people, cats, dogs are vaccinated, we use vaccines to substantially decrease the incidence of disease in birds. By doing this we have developed a positive reputation that separates us from the "birdie mills" that do not aspire to the same standards. We have a vet on the premises bi-weekly that administer this vaccine and monitors our babies and flock.
Age of Maturity: 2
Breeding Life: 20
Nest: 24x 24x 36 inches
Average Clutch Size: 2-4
Habitat: Central and South America
References: PelletTreatToy
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