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Meyers Parrot - Meyers Poicephalus Meyeri Bird

Meyers Parrot Meyers

Notable traits of the Meyers Parrot Bird: Meyers (Poicephalus Meyeri)
Latin Name: Poicephalus Meyeri
Common Name: Meyers Parrot
Description: General plumage green; head grey to dark grey; ear-coverts with slight silvery tinge; lower breast and abdomen yellow to orange-yellow; under wing- and under tail-coverts bright yellow, tail brownish-green; periophthalmic ring black; bill black; iris yellow; feet dark-grey. Immatures with duffer plumage; iris dark.
Gender Determination: Undeterminable by appearance
Trainability: The Meyers is a playful bird and is very trainable.
Length: 23 cm (9 ins)
Average Lifespan: 30 years
Average Weight: 120 - 150 g
Diet: Pellets, Veggies, Pasta and Rice, with small amount of seed
Housing: 20 L x 20 D x 28 H inches
Loudness: Meyers are a fairly quiet birds but can have there moments
Talking Ability: Myers are much quieter birds than many of the smaller more colorful and popular parrots like the conures in the Aratinga genus. For this reason they make ideal pets for apartment or condominium living. They are an interesting bird that likes routine and become accustomed to the habits of their owners. Myers learn human speech quite easily. Their voices are softer quieter and gentler than their larger african cousins like the African Grey. They usually acquire a moderate vocabulary although some can have a more extensive list of words and phrases. Most will develop an understanding of several common phrases like step up. Of course the best way to teach a parrot to talk is to talk to it
Notes: Meyers Parrots are one of the most popular of the Poicephalus parrots They are attractive and intelligent little birds that are highly social. It has been observed that wooden toys are favorites of Meyers. Wooden ladders, chew toys, and wooden hanging toys seem to be preferred, most anything made of wood.
These birds have been vaccinated for the polyoma virus. It is crucial for young birds to be protected as they have little to no immune system for their first year of life. Just as people, cats, dogs are vaccinated, we use vaccines to substantially decrease the incidence of disease in birds. By doing this we have developed a positive reputation that separates us from the "birdie mills" that do not aspire to the same standards. We have a vet on the premises bi-weekly that administer this vaccine and monitors our babies and flock.
Mutations: Pied
Age of Maturity: 2
Breeding Life: 20
Nest: 16 x 8 inches L-Box
Breeding Aviculture: Easy
Average Clutch Size: 3-5
Habitat: SubSaharan Africa
References: PelletTreatToy
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