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Turquoise Lineolated Or Barred Parakeet - Lineolated Parakeet Mutations Bolborhynchus Lineola Bird

Turquoise Lineolated Or Barred Parakeet Lineolated Parakeet Mutations

Notable traits of the Turquoise Lineolated Or Barred Parakeet Bird: Lineolated Parakeet Mutations (Bolborhynchus Lineola)
Latin Name: Bolborhynchus Lineola
Common Name: Turquoise Lineolated Or Barred Parakeet
Description: The Blue series is marked the same as the green,with a rich marine blue replacing the green. Feet and beak are the same as in the greens.
Gender Determination: It is hard to tell but males have slightly larger heads and the males have more black on the tail
Trainability: Make great pets for kids elderly and people wanting a bonding pet
Length: 6 inches
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Weight: 47 to 55 grams
Song: Do at bed time a melodious song with there owner
Diet: Pellet, Seed, Vegetables, Fruit, Pasta, Rice, and Vitamin Supplement
Housing: Min 18 inches x 18 inches by 20 inches high. With 1/2 inch bar spacing
Loudness: Not loud great for Apartments, Condos
Talking Ability: Do learn to talk with small vocabulary
Breeding Notes: Fairly easy to bread once a true pair is established. If not to much nest inspection they with raise the clutch to weaning. They can breed up to three clutched per year on a supportive diet.
Mutations: Cobalt Blue and Edged
Age of Maturity: 7
Breeding Life: 10 years
Nest: 10 inch x 8 inch x 8 inch or L-Box 6 x 12
Breeding Aviculture: Yes Easy
Average Clutch Size: 3-5
Habitat: South Mexico Western Panama Northern Colombia Costa Rica Nicaragua Guatemala Honduras
References: SeedPelletToy
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