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Hoya archboldiana white - Hoya Variety Hoya archboldiana Plant

Hoya archboldiana white Hoya Variety

Notable traits of the Hoya archboldiana white Plant: Hoya Variety (Hoya archboldiana)
Latin Name: Hoya archboldiana
Common Name: Hoya archboldiana white
Description: It is a climbing hoya with rather big leaves about 1216 cm long and 4.55 cm wide. The leaves have a prominent vein along the middle dark green in colour. Hoya archboldiana has thick hard leaves. New leaves have a dark brownish red colour.
History: Described in 1937 C. Norman
Country: Papua New Guinea
Location: Lowland trees and shrubs, high indirect light.
Flower: Large Bloom
Length of Bloom: 6 Days
Scent: Medium
Water Needs: Do not let run dry
Light Needs: High indirect light.
Ease of Rooting: Easy
Specialized Care: Let it grow dryer in winter.
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Umbel: 515
Scent: Medium
Nectar: No
Minimum Temperature: 60 ºF
Maximum Temperature: 88 ºF
Cutting Available: $10 per cut
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