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Praying Hands - Hosta Praying Hands Plant

Praying Hands Hosta

Notable traits of the Praying Hands Plant: Hosta (Praying Hands)
Latin Name: Praying Hands
Common Name: Praying Hands
Description: One of the weirdest introductions to come along extremely elongated dark green leaves have a waxy sheen and a very thin yellow rippled border They are folded and wavy giving a twisted appearance and look like no other hosta leaf Perhaps we should call this the unhosta as Hosta Praying Hands is the most unhosta looking hosta to ever hit the market This sets a new standard for unique in the hosta world Leaf blade 7 by 2 Smooth olivegreen with a very narrow yellowgold margin satiny prominent veining edge rippled and almost running together with the petiole furled lanceolate with an acute tip Leaves are folded and rolled tightly in an upward stance Slug resistant and sun tolerant
History: (G. Williams, 96) 2011 Hosta of the Year!
Flower: Pale lavender Flower
Light Needs: Shade to part Sun
Zone: 3 - 8
Notes: MEDIUM (18 high by 30 wide.)
Nectar: No
Cutting Available: Not in stock; Get in touch for a special order.
Availability: Would you like a notification when a Praying Hands Hosta is available?
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