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Sparkling Burgundy - Heuchera Sparkling Burgundy Plant

Sparkling Burgundy Heuchera

Notable traits of the Sparkling Burgundy Plant: Heuchera (Sparkling Burgundy)
Latin Name: Sparkling Burgundy
Common Name: Sparkling Burgundy
Description: Fabulous giant 6 burgundy leaves glowing all Spring and Summer foliage deepens in the Winter to a rich deep burgundy Bred by Janet EggerFlowering SummerH 30cm x W 40cm. Coral Bells Heuchera Sparkling Burgundy PP17208 is another breakthrough in Heuchera coloring The black cherry colored foliage sparkles in the landscape all spring and summer before darkening in winter. In the spring the deep burgundy foliage of Sparkling Burgundy PP17208 provides a wonderful contrast to the clean white flowers. Deer resistant foliage.
History: Bred by Janet Egger
Plant ID: PP17208
Flower: White
Length of Bloom: JuneAugust
Light Needs: Full sun to full shade depending on zone
Specialized Care: Preferred Conditions Coral bells prefer to be planted in locations with a fertile, moist, well-drained soil. They particularly do not perform well in locations with poor drainage during the winter months. Most Heuchera cultivars will grow more vigorously and have the best leaf coloration when they are planted in locations with partial shade, particularly in the afternoon. Purple leafed cultivars can tolerate more direct sun; in general the darker the purple coloration the more exposure to sun they can tolerate. Conversely, the amber and gold leafed cultivars are less sun tolerant; the more yellow the leaf coloration, the less tolerant to sun they are. In locations with full sun or full shade, most cultivars will usually survive, but they will be smaller and not look as lively. Maintenance Generally considered easy to grow and require little routine maintenance. To encourage continuous flowering or repeat bloom, deadhead the spent flower spikes as needed. Mulching during the summer months will help keep the soil moist and prevent injury to the shallow root system from heat. They can be divided every 3 to 4 years if they lose vigor or when the crown gets too large. Pests and Diseases Generally, they can be grown without any insect or disease problems. Bacterial and fungal leaf spots, Botrytis, Japanese beetles, powdery mildew, and strawberry root weevils may occasionally, but not usually, become problematic. Some cultivars may get leaf scorch when they are planted in hot, full sun. Overly wet conditions during the winter months can lead to some plants rotting out. Where climates fluctuate, frost heaving (where the plants push themselves up out of the ground) can be a concern; mulching before winter may help prevent this problem. Uses in the Garden Heuchera are commonly used as accent or specimen plants, in woodland gardens or rock gardens, and as ground covers or mass plantings.
Zone: 4 - 9
Nectar: No
Cutting Available: Not in stock; Get in touch for a special order.
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