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Amethyst Myst - Heuchera Amethyst Myst Plant

Amethyst Myst Heuchera

Notable traits of the Amethyst Myst Plant: Heuchera (Amethyst Myst)
Latin Name: Amethyst Myst
Common Name: Amethyst Myst
Description: Blackishpurple leaves with a silveryblue overlay extensive black veining and the foliage appears dusted with a fog of silver makes it unique The plant seems to glow with an amethyst mist from a distance the characteristic for which it is named New foliage is deep maroonpurple and all leaves have rich royal purple undersides Withstands light frost and continues to perform with shorter days and cooler weatherThis coral bells cultivar is a clumpforming perennial Rounded lobed longpetioled leaves 2 to 4 inches wide form a basal mound to 9 inches tall which may spread 15 to 24 inches wide Tiny creampink bellshaped flowers appear in late spring to early summer on slender wiry stems rising well above the foliage mound typically 18 to 26 inches tallHeucheras will perform best in organically rich humus medium wet welldrained soil with a neutral pH Performs well in full sun in the north but prefers some afternoon shade in the south If grown in full sun consistent moisture is particularly important They grow most vigorously and have the stongest colors when grown in partial shade preferably afternoon shade They can also be grown in full shade but their growth rate will be very slowCoral bells are easy to grow and blend easily with most other perennials in the landscape Because of their low mounding habit they are often used as edging along paths or in containers Remove stems of faded flowers to encourage additional bloom Foliage is essentially evergreen in warm winter climates but the amount of retained foliage color in cold winter climates depends upon the temperatures In cold winter climates winter mulch applied after the ground freezes will help prevent root heaving Clumps may be divided in the spring every 3 to 4 yearsAttributes Border plants Container Cut flower or foliage Edging Mass planting Salt Tolerant Specimen or focal point plant Deer resistant Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
Light Needs: Full sun to full shade depending on zone
Zone: 3 to 8
Notes: Plants reach 8 inches tall and 17 inches wide
Nectar: Yes
Cutting Available: Not in stock; Get in touch for a special order.
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