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Hornwort or Coon Tail - Fancy Goldfish Ceratophyllum demersum Pond

Hornwort or Coon Tail Fancy Goldfish

Notable traits of the Hornwort or Coon Tail Pond: Fancy Goldfish (Ceratophyllum demersum)
Latin Name: Ceratophyllum demersum
Common Name: Hornwort or Coon Tail
Description: Hornwort is a rootless plant that will lie on the bottom of your outdoor Koi pond in feet of waterIt earned its name from the narrow leaves along the stem that resemble the hairs on a raccoons tail It makes an excellent breeding area for Koi fish and goldfish love to eat itHornwort is unrooted so it doesnt require planting and excessive growth is easy to eradicate Depending on the waters hardness Hornwort or coontail may form very soft delicate leaves or rather stiff bristled leaves This texture makes Hornwort less prone to snail predationHornwort is one of the top oxygenating plants It is tolerant of a broad range of conditions In the fall the compact tips break off the hornwort and lie dormant for the winterThe coontail has been known to release certain chemicals that naturally prevent some forms of pond algae growth making it a prime addition to the garden pondHornwort is a submerged plant growing in still or very slowmoving water in ponds and streams They have numerous side shoots making a single specimen appear as a large bushy mass The leaves are produced in swirls of six to twelve each leaf is mm long simple or forked into two to eight threadlike segments edged with spiny teeth they are stiff and brittleIt is monoecious with separate male and female flowers produced on the same plant The flowers are small mm long with eight or more greenishbrown petals they are produced in the leaf axils The fruit is a small nut mm long usually with three spines two basal and one apical mm longThe hornwort is often used as a floating freshwater plant in both coldwater and tropical aquaria though it may attach itself to the objects in the pond by its roots Its fluffy filamentous brightgreen leaves provide excellent cover for newlyhatched fish It will grow and spread out by pruning
Light Needs: Full to Partial Sunlight
Zone: 5 to 10
Availability: Would you like a notification when a Hornwort or Coon Tail Fancy Goldfish is available?
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