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Tangerine Ringneck Dove - Domestic Streptopelia Risoria Bird

Tangerine Ringneck Dove Domestic

Notable traits of the Tangerine Ringneck Dove Bird: Domestic (Streptopelia Risoria)
Availability: For sale! Interested?
Price: $20 (sold individually)
Latin Name: Streptopelia Risoria
Common Name: Tangerine Ringneck Dove
Description: Light orange-brown back and wings, with a lavender head and upper chest. White ring along back of neck. Pale belly, with dark eyes, a dark beak, and dark purple feet
Gender Determination: Males make cooing sounds
Trainability: Very good pets
Length: 27 cm
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Weight: 150 to 200 grams
Diet: Various grains and seeds, including milo, millet, wheat, canary grass, black sunflower, safflower, and cracked corn
Housing: Ringneck doves can be kept in cages of two square feet and larger
Loudness: Somewhat loud cooing
Notes: As they are unable to bite, doves make excellent pets for children. Like any bird, they do enjoy having a few toys in their cage or enclosure.
Mutations: White and Fawn
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 12 years
Nest: Large cup-shaped nest
Breeding Aviculture: Very common
Average Clutch Size: 2
Habitat: Man made mutation
References: SeedGritEggfood
Store Location: St. Clements, Ontario; Canada
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