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Silky white Ringneck Dove - Domestic Streptopelia Risoria Bird

Silky white Ringneck Dove Domestic

Notable traits of the Silky white Ringneck Dove Bird: Domestic (Streptopelia Risoria)
Latin Name: Streptopelia Risoria
Common Name: Silky white Ringneck Dove
Description: All-over white feathers, with dark eyes, a pale pinkish-orange beak, and dark purple feet. Feathers have an unusual texture to them. Standard feathers have barbs (the side-by-side coloured strands that make up most of a feather) cling together, whereas in the silky mutation, the barbs do not cling to each other. This gives a 'hairy' or 'lacy' appearance.
Gender Determination: Males coo
Trainability: Quite trainable. Excellent pets
Length: Roughly 27 cm
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Weight: Between 150-200 g
Diet: Various grains and seeds, including milo, wheat, millet, black sunflower, canary grass, safflower, and cracked corn
Housing: Can be kept in cages two square feet and up
Loudness: Fairly loud continuous coo
Notes: Unlike other mutations, silky-feathered doves do not have the ability to fly, and therefore do not have to have their wing feathers clipped. Doves make great pets for kids, as they are unable to bite.
Mutations: Ivory and Orange
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 12 years
Nest: Large cup shape nest
Breeding Aviculture: Quite common
Average Clutch Size: 2
Gender: Male
Habitat: Man made mutation
References: SeedGritEggfood
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