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Silver White Tailed Diamond Dove - Diamond Geopelia Cuneata Bird

Silver White Tailed Diamond Dove Diamond

Notable traits of the Silver White Tailed Diamond Dove Bird: Diamond (Geopelia Cuneata)
Latin Name: Geopelia Cuneata
Common Name: Silver White Tailed Diamond Dove
Description: Regardless of the gender, they have white spots and black edges on their wings, orange eyes and red eye-rings. The male's head, neck, and breast are light blue-grey. The bill is a dark grey colour. The abdomen is a creamy colour while the back and tail is a brown-grey colour. The legs and feet are pink. The juveniles have a light grey bill; the iris and eye ring is fawn in colour; the feet and legs are grey; the breast is grey and they do not possess any white spots on their wings.
Gender Determination: The genders look similar except the females eye ring is less vivid and has more of a brown colour to the plumage
Trainability: Gentle and sweet if the effort to tame them is put in
Length: About 20 cm
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Weight: 30 grams
Song: Quiet cooing sounds
Diet: Seed, Pellets, Grit, Vitamin Supplement
Housing: For a pet, minimum cage dimensions of 13 x 15 x 17 inches, with the bars no more than 1/2 inch apart
Loudness: Quiet
Notes: Diamond doves should be kept in pairs or groups, unless one is willing to invest time and effort in taming them. If tamed, they do make good pets, and should be given as much attention as one would give a pet parrot.
The cage should have perches set far enough apart so as to allow safe flight.
Diamond doves should be provided with grits. They swallow their seeds whole, and the grits aid in digestion.
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 8 years
Nest: Small Canary Nest
Breeding Aviculture: Yes Often
Average Clutch Size: 2
Habitat: Most of Australia
References: SeedGritEggfood
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