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European Goldfinch - Caged Bird European Carduelis Carduelis Bird

European Goldfinch Caged Bird European

Notable traits of the European Goldfinch Bird: Caged Bird European (Carduelis Carduelis)
Latin Name: Carduelis Carduelis
Common Name: European Goldfinch
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 5 inches
Average Lifespan: 12 years
Song: Yes - Well
Diet: small seeds such as those from thistles
Housing: large cage or flight
Notes: Goldfinches are commonly kept and bred in captivity around the world because of their distinctive appearance and pleasant song. The Goldfinch males are sometimes crossed with Canary females with the intention to produce male mules with beautiful singing voices, that often capture the best singing attributes of both breeds.
Breeding Notes: European Goldfinches prefer a Canary nest positioned in a high sheltered spot such as the corner of a cage. Nesting material supplied can be dried moss, feathers, or soft Canary nesting material. The average clutch consist of 4-6 eggs which hatch after 14-17 days. The hen incubates the eggs alone for the most part while the male guards the nest. After the eggs hatch it is important to supply the parents with adequate Teasel, greenfood, eggfood and livefood. The young E. Goldfinches will fledge around 2 weeks old. The male then assumes feeding responsibilities until the young are weaned.
Mutations: Tawny Agate Isabella Pastel Satin Yellow Opal and Albino
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 8
Nest: Open or closed
Breeding Aviculture: Yes
Average Clutch Size: 3-5
Habitat: Europe
References: SeedEggfoodToy
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