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Fawn Owl Finch - Caged Bird Australian Taeniopygia Bichenovii Bird

Fawn Owl Finch Caged Bird Australian

Notable traits of the Fawn Owl Finch Bird: Caged Bird Australian (Taeniopygia Bichenovii)
Latin Name: Taeniopygia Bichenovii
Common Name: Fawn Owl Finch
Description: Blueish-grey beak, white face encircled by a thin black band starting from the forehead (directly above the beak), continuing around the cheeks, and meeting under the chin; a second black band runs accross the lower breast. The top of the head, nape of the neck, and back are brown with small dark bars, the wing feathers are dark brown-black with white dots, it has a silvery chest, creamy off-yellow underparts, and a black tail. The legs and feet are greyish blue to dark grey. The rump (upper tail coverts) are white. One "mutation" (actually a separate race) which exists is the black-rumped variety, which looks nearly identical to the white-rumped race, except that the birds have a black rump. Crossing the two races may produce hybrids which have a combination of the two rump colors. Juveniles look like dull versions of the parents, being browner above with less pronounced markings.
Gender Determination: The male Owl Finch has a soft repetitive song males band across the chest is thicker
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 4 inches
Average Lifespan: 10 years
Song: The male Owl Finch has a soft repetitive song
Diet: Finch mix which includes a mixture of millets and seeding grasses, Pellets, egg food
Housing: 14 x 20 x 24
Loudness: Fairly quiet
Breeding Notes: Owl finches can be used for breeding at around 9 months. They have been know to breed at younger ages but egg binding in hens can occur if this happens. Open style canary type nest or half-open nest boxes seem to be their preference and they will breed in breeder cages or in an aviary. You can offer them a variety of nesting material such as sisal, jute, coconut fibers, shredded paper, dried grasses and tiny twigs. Assuming you have a true pair in breeding condition the hen will lay 4-6 eggs which she will begin to incubate after the 4th egg is laid. The parent birds will take turns incubating the eggs for 12 days with both remaining in the nest together during the night. Normally after 12 days the Owl finch eggs will hatch. I have noticed that Owl finches do not seem to brood their young as long as other species of finches. It seems that after 9-12 days the parent Owls stop brooding the young with the exception of night roosting in the nest. Baby Owl finches normally leave the nest at 26-30 days old. At 5-6 weeks of age they are fully weaned and can be removed from the parent birds. Owl finches fledged with close to adult plumage unlike Gouldian finches. At 2 months old young Owl finches will display full adult plumage.
Mutations: Fawn
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 6
Nest: half-open nest box
Breeding Aviculture: Common
Average Clutch Size: 4-6
Habitat: Eastern Australia
References: SeedEggfoodToy
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