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Hand Tame Pied Java Sparrow - Caged Bird Asian Lonchura Oryzivora Bird

Hand Tame Pied Java Sparrow Caged Bird Asian

Notable traits of the Hand Tame Pied Java Sparrow Bird: Caged Bird Asian (Lonchura Oryzivora)
Latin Name: Lonchura Oryzivora
Common Name: Hand Tame Pied Java Sparrow
Description: Java Sparrows are large, full-bodied finches. Measuring over 5-1/2" long. They have impressive beaks that look like they could do some serious damage, however, they are harmless. Males and females are nearly identical in appearance. There are a number of ways to distinguish between the sexes. Like most members of the Lonchura family, the males sing and perform a little dance. The dance is not much to see and many don't think much about the song, but I find it a pleasant, tropical sounding song. Unlike most mannikins, you can actually hear it for some distance. Waiting for them to sing can be a test of patience however.
Gender Determination: Males have a bigger beak
Trainability: Once tamed it is a sweet and gentle pet.
Length: 5.5 inches
Average Lifespan: 10 years
Average Weight: 20g
Song: Excellent
Diet: Seed, fruit and veggies
Loudness: Fairly quiet
Notes: Makes a great little pet!
Mutations: Silver or White
Age of Maturity: 1
Average Clutch Size: 4 to 6
Habitat: Asia
References: SeedEggfoodToy
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