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Red Throated Parrot Finch or Red Face Parrot Finch - Caged Bird Asian Erythura Psittacea Bird

Red Throated Parrot Finch or Red Face Parrot Finch Caged Bird Asian

Notable traits of the Red Throated Parrot Finch or Red Face Parrot Finch Bird: Caged Bird Asian (Erythura Psittacea)
Latin Name: Erythura Psittacea
Common Name: Red Throated Parrot Finch or Red Face Parrot Finch
Description: Male: The forehead, forecrown, face, throat and breast is bright red. The body plumage is green. The rump and upper tail coverts including central tail feathers are red. The eyes are brown and the legs and feet dark flesh color. This bird is monomorphic which makes sexing a challenge.
Female: The females green/red plumage is duller and less luminous. She is slightly smaller than the male.
Gender Determination: Hard to see males have song
Trainability: Very Low
Length: Length 4 inches (12 cm)
Average Lifespan: 12 years
Song: Yes
Diet: Seed, Pellets, Insects, Egg Food
Housing: Bigger Cage Better
Notes: The Red-Headed Parrot Finch inhabits tropical islands and open areas bordering forests. They are also seen in farm lands and urban areas where they occur in flocks of up to 20 birds foraging for food.
Breeding Notes: The Red-headed parrot finch is one of the most widely available of the parrot finches in captivity along with the Blue-Faced Parrot Finch. These two species are considered well established in aviculture. The Red-Headed Parrot Finch will thrive in captivity with a good quality finch mix, both dry and soaked. Greens and some fruits (oranges, apples, figs) are readily accepted. Live food is provided to my stock while young are being reared. If fed a proper diet these parrot finches are unproblematic to breed and rear young. This was proven by Norman Nicholson in 1950, who bred this species through 18 generations in captivity. My Red-Headed Parrot Finches nest in half open nest boxes. They have chosen coconut fiber as the material of choice. Once nest construction has been completed egg laying will commence.

Incubation : 13 to 14 days
Mutations: Pied Sea Green Sea Green Pied Lutino
Age of Maturity: 1
Breeding Life: 8
Nest: Covered Nest
Breeding Aviculture: Yes Common
Average Clutch Size: 4-6
Habitat: Island of New Caledonia
References: SeedEggfoodToy
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