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Blue Capped Waxbill - Caged Bird African Uraeginthus Cyanocephala Bird

Blue Capped Waxbill Caged Bird African

Notable traits of the Blue Capped Waxbill Bird: Caged Bird African (Uraeginthus Cyanocephala)
Latin Name: Uraeginthus Cyanocephala
Common Name: Blue Capped Waxbill
Description: Male has head, breast and flanks all blue, with brown mantle, back and wings. Bright red bill. Underparts are buff, fading to white at the vent. Female is similar but with brown forehead and crown, and blue parts are paler. Juveniles resemble the female, but with less extensive blue, adult plumage is gained at about 5 months.
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 5 inches
Average Lifespan: 10 years
Diet: Seed, fruit,veggies and incects
Notes: Ocurs in dry bush and scrub country of East Africa, locally abundant but rather less common than the Red-cheeked Cordon Blue. Feeds on the ground, mainly on seeds but also takes some insects such as ants and termites.

The Blue-capped Waxbill is among the most regularly bred in aviculture and will reliably bring up its young, given a supply of small livefood when feeding them. Will nest in standard boxes or build in vegetation, ivy for example, using grasses, coconut fibre, etc, and often lines the nest with feathers. Four to six eggs are incubated for around 11 days and fledging takes place when chicks are around 18 days.
Age of Maturity: 1
Average Clutch Size: 3-6
Habitat: Africa
References: SeedToyEggfood
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