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Orange Cheek Waxbill - Caged Bird African Estrilda Melpoda Bird

Orange Cheek Waxbill Caged Bird African

Notable traits of the Orange Cheek Waxbill Bird: Caged Bird African (Estrilda Melpoda)
Latin Name: Estrilda Melpoda
Common Name: Orange Cheek Waxbill
Description: The Orange-cheeked Waxbill Estrilda melpoda is a common species of estrildid finch native to western and central Africa.
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 4 inches
Average Lifespan: 10 years
Diet: Seed, fruit,veggies and incects
Notes: Additionally, small mealworms, fruit flies, and pinhead crickets (which some will take and others will not) should be offered, especially during breeding. Some pairs will learn to take soft food substitutes, others will not but most will raise young on seed alone, if no other offerings are made. A gentle species, they will be easily bullied at the feeding station if only one is provided and they share their enclosure with more aggressive species. Incubated for 13 days. Fledglings leave the nest around 23 days looking similar to their parents but sporting duller orange ear coverts for the first few months.
Age of Maturity: 1
Nest: they usually prefer a location in a dense clump of grass or other very low vegetative growth. Nests may even be placed directly on the ground
Breeding Aviculture: Yes
Average Clutch Size: 4-6
Habitat: Africa
References: SeedToyEggfood
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