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Gold Breasted Waxbill - Caged Bird African Amandava Subflava Bird

Gold Breasted Waxbill Caged Bird African

Notable traits of the Gold Breasted Waxbill Bird: Caged Bird African (Amandava Subflava )
Availability: For sale! Interested?
Price: $55 (sold individually)
Latin Name: Amandava Subflava
Common Name: Gold Breasted Waxbill
Description: A tiny bird with a shortish tail and red upper tail coverts, throat and breast olive grey, dark yellow underneath, sides grey with fine yellow wavy lines, the female has pale yellowish underparts and lacks the red eyebrow stripe of cock. Young birds have yellowish-grey plumage and dark markings on their beaks at the time of fledgling.
Trainability: Very Low
Length: 3 inches
Average Lifespan: 10 years
Song: Amazing
Diet: The Golden-breasted Waxbill will thrive on a diet based on a Foreign Finch seed mixture with a little live food (eg mini mealworms) and some commercially available egg food, with greenfood provided wh
Housing: Goldbreasts are excellent avicultural subjects and when well catered for are quite long lived. It is a delightful bird to keep, but rather delicate in response to cold, damp weather conditions. They c
Notes: Domestically Bred. Closed Banded.
Age of Maturity: 1
Average Clutch Size: 3-6
Gender: Female
Habitat: Africa
References: SeedToyEggfood
Store Location: St. Clements, Ontario; Canada
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