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Budgie or Budgerigar Parakeet Caged Australian - Budgie Melopsittacus Undulatus Bird

Budgie or Budgerigar Parakeet Caged Australian Budgie

Notable traits of the Budgie or Budgerigar Parakeet Caged Australian Bird: Budgie (Melopsittacus Undulatus)
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Price: $25.00 (sold individually)
Latin Name: Melopsittacus Undulatus
Common Name: Budgie or Budgerigar Parakeet Caged Australian
Description: General plumage yellowish-green; back of head, sides of neck, upper back and wing coverts pale brownish, each feather barred with black and yellow; throat and facial area yellow; variable violet-blue patch to lower cheeks; three black spots across each side of throat; feathers to sides of breast with narrow black edging; primary-coverts pale blue; flight feathers grey-greenish with pale cross stripes; underside grey with whitish wing-stripe; upper side of middle tail-feathers greenish-blue with dark tips, underside blackish; outer tail-feathers green with broad yellow stripes, underside grey with yellow stripes; bill olive-horn color; cere blue (male) (brown female) ; narrow periophthalmic ring grey; iris whitish; feet grey.
Gender Determination: Cere of Female is brown during breeding period and cere of male is blue
Trainability: Budgies can be excellent pets if they are treated with love and attention. The budgie is often under
Length: 18 cm (7 ins)
Average Lifespan: 15 years
Average Weight: 35 to 50 grams
Diet: Seed, Pellets, Vegetables, Fruit,
Housing: 14 x 20 x 14 inches
Loudness: The budgie is a quiet bird compared to other birds. Many budgie owners however, say that a budgie can be loud.
Talking Ability: A few budgies can be taught to talk but not all will. A big factor in the birds talking is hand-raising. Hand raised birds are more likely (but not guaranteed) to speak.
Notes: The name 'Budgerigar' is actually derived from the Aboriginal name for the bird. The Aboriginal name translates to 'good eating'
Breeding Notes: Budgerigars most easily breed in captivity when provided with a reasonable-sized nest box. The eggs are typically one to two centimeters long and are pearl white without any colouration if fertile. Female budgerigars can lay eggs without a male partner, but these unfertilized eggs will not hatch. When the female is laying eggs, her cere turns a crusty brown colour. A female budgerigar will lay her eggs on alternate days. After the first one, there is usually a two-day gap until the next. She will usually lay between four and eight eggs, which she will incubate (usually starting after laying her second or third) for about 21 days each.
Mutations: Green
Age of Maturity: 6
Breeding Life: 8 years
Nest: 10L x 6W x 7H inches
Breeding Aviculture: Very Common
Average Clutch Size: 6
Habitat: Australia
References: SeedToyPellet
Store Location: St. Clements, Ontario; Canada
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