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Congo African Grey Parrot - African Grey Psittacus Erithacus Bird

Congo African Grey Parrot African Grey

Notable traits of the Congo African Grey Parrot Bird: African Grey (Psittacus Erithacus)
Latin Name: Psittacus Erithacus
Common Name: Congo African Grey Parrot
Description: Congo African Grey parrots general plumage is a pale grey, but occasionally dark grey; white, bare facial area and their head feathers have pale edging, the abdomen feathers have a dark grey edging and lower back light grey, primaries grey-blackish, tail and adjacent tail-coverts red, bill black, iris pale yellow and feet are dark grey.
Gender Determination: Undeterminable by appearance
Trainability: The Congo Grey is a playful bird and is very trainable.
Length: 33 cm (13 ins)
Average Lifespan: 60 years
Average Weight: 370 - 534 g
Diet: Pellets, Veggie, Fruit,
Housing: 24 x 36 x 30 inches
Loudness: African greys are moderately loud and can be somewhat noisy at times.
Talking Ability: Excellent talkers and mimics these birds can accurately imitate specific human voices and household noises such as the doorbell telephone or microwave. There is still some controversy over whether the African Grey parrot is merely a superb mimic or truly understands some of what it says. These birds possess an uncanny knack for using words in a situational appropriate manner leading some people to believe they have the mentality of a three year old human child. This belief is supported by ability to problem-solve as demonstrated by the famous grey parrot Alex.
Notes: The African Grey is extremely intelligent, perhaps topping all other parrots in its ability to learn new things throughout a lifetime. Taught by Dr. Irene Pepperburg of Brandeis and Harvard Universities, Alex the Congo Grey was able to learn to (amongst many other things) identify objects by shape, colour, material, and number, was able to count up to seven, and understood concepts such as "bigger/smaller" and "same/different". He was reported to have the intelligence/problem solving skills of a roughly five-year-old child, and the language skills of a two-year-old.

Adult Greys are considered shy and introverted, and usually bond with only one person, being aloof with everyone else. They need to be constantly worked with so they do not fall in to this common trait.

Provide overhead misters or shallow water bowls for bathing; foot toys, destructible (non-toxic) toys, non-destructible (non-toxic plastic) toys, food-finder toys, preening toys, different texture and size hanging perch toys; fir, pine, elder or willow branches, push-and-pull toys (sliding up and down), vegetable tanned leather toys. Introduce with care, as Greys are sensitive to novel things.
In particular, Greys love toys that make them solve puzzles to reach some kind of treat inside. It's fascinating to watch them work out the solution to the puzzle, and once initially solved, they reach subsequent treats placed within the toys in a matter of seconds. These birds have been vaccinated for the polyoma virus. It is crucial for young birds to be protected as they have little to no immune system for their first year of life. Just as people, cats, dogs are vaccinated, we use vaccines to substantially decrease the incidence of disease in birds. By doing this we have developed a positive reputation that separates us from the "birdie mills" that do not aspire to the same standards. We have a vet on the premises bi-weekly that administer this vaccine and monitors our babies and flock.
Mutations: White Tailed Grey
Age of Maturity: 3
Breeding Life: 30
Nest: 12 by 24 inches L Box
Breeding Aviculture: Common
Average Clutch Size: 3 to 5
Habitat: C Africa from Comoe River SE Ivory Coast east to N Angola S Democratic Republic of Congo NW Tanz
References: ToyPelletSeed
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